Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 7 - Elder "Holk" in Alajuelita

Hey family friends! Hope everything is good back in the States!

So a lot has happened this week!

Me and my new companion, Elder Mejia
First, I have a new companion! I'll be with him for 3 months. He's from El Salvador and his name is Elder Mejia. He's kinda short about 5'2 or 3 or something. When we had the meeting for all of the new companions, everyone just laughed and laughed with us and President said now he can go anywhere he wants because he has a bodyguard. He knows a little English like "what's your problem man?" and other funny phrases so that's awesome haha

My first area is Alajuelita. It's in San Jose but its like an hour bus ride from the mission home. It's a little better-off than my the other area I was in for a little while but not by much. The people here are still very humble and they don't have very much. It's super humbling when they feed us before their kids and it was hard to eat the food while they were watching, but President says they need those blessings. The climate is pretty cool and windy which I LOVE but it's kinda hot in the afternoon. There aren't a lot of hills which really is a blessing also haha. It's kinda sad because there's a lot of garbage in the street because people just litter. But the surrounding mountains and jungles are beautiful.

The buses here drive super fast and the streets are pretty scary so each bus ride is kind-of an adventure.

The food here is kinda plain but it's good. One of my first meals made by another missionary's cocinierra (cook) was - rice, pasta salad, potatoes, and pringles. HOLY STARCH hahaha. Other meals have plantains that taste like potatoes, salad with lime juice as the dressing, some sort of meat haha and of course rice and beans. Yesterday I had my first Gallo Pinto dish here which is black beans, rice, and peppers and spices. It was muy rico (very good). 

Our apartment is pretty nice considering what most people have here. The water is lukewarm which I REALLY appreciate. My last shower was freezing so it's nice haha. The spout has this heater that the water goes through before it hits you. Kinda dangerous mixing electricity and water but hey, pura vida! haha

Introducing myself at the mission conference
The ward was awesome on Sunday. There was about 100 members that came which apparently is a lot here. The bishop had me come up and bear my testimony (uh-oh) but it went pretty well! I joked that I was Nica - or from Nicaragua, and the people died. I apologized for my spanish but I was able to convey the message I wanted so I was grateful for that. I'm also the ward Pianist and was called as soon as they heard I could play piano. All the kids loved it. There was this little girl who came up during the hymn and sat right next to me just watching me haha.

The people here are amazing and I love them already! The culture is a little different but not something I can't handle. One of the kids calls me Captain Kirk from Star Trek because I'm white and apparently look a little like him haha. I call him Spock because he has pointy-ish ears and he hates it haha. All the people pronounce my name like "eh-stott" because there isn't an "S" sound in Spanish by itself. Some of the members call me Elder "Holk" (Hulk) haha.

My Spanish is coming along pretty nicely so I'm enjoying that. It's hard to understand people sometimes, but that will come with time. I can always communicate what I want to say so that's great.

There was a little kid who was trying to tune his guitar in the street and I helped him tune it. I played it after and a group of like 20 kids came out of nowhere to listen. They went nuts when I tried to play the "titanic" song that everybody here seems to know and love. The kids here love to play soccer with me being the goalie (because I'm terrible at anything else haha) but it's really fun.

We have a new investigator and he's what we would call a straight-up gangster. He's super cool with us and he can really see that he needs the gospel in his life. He's 26 and has a little kid who is about 3 and likes to punch me, but I always love going to visit them.

We have a lot of new investigators and it's really cool to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ change their lives. I know that it truly changes lives and I'm so happy everyday to share the happiness it brings me with others. If we are willing to humble ourselves, we will be blessed beyond measure.

Hope all is well and know that all is well here in Costa Rica! Hasta el promxima semana!

The Costa Rica, San Jose Mission - 240 of us!

Elder Stott (Holk)

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