Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 59 - More Furry Friends

Hey guys! 

Okay so this week was pretty normalish (which means flippin fantastic) haha. 

So we are being spoiled by our new land lords.. They're always giving us food, the let us wash our clothes and they're always just offering us stuff. He's my grandpa tico haha :) 

HEY! We found a tarantula in our garage! It was big and hairy and gross. I got a video of Elder Vorwaller touching it which was pretty dang funny haha. He screamed WAY louder than I did ;)

And then I got a funny video of the chihuahua crawling around in Elder Vorwaller's shirt. Random - I know, but funny too haha :) 

Those are some seriously hairy pits.
I went on divisions with my Zone Leader here in my area. His name is Elder Orlandi and he's honestly one of the coolest guys in the mission. We get along really well and he's a lot like me. He'll be at BYU too so that'll be cool. So anyways, we had a really awesome day. The first two houses we talked to, they gave us pastries and then a smoothie too. We talked to a ton of people and they like ALL accepted - that never happens. We usually get a lot of doors slammed or people lying to us. Sometimes people just really don't like us but that's okay! We found 3 families who are all wanting to come to church and they're all seem super ready to learn too. We brought a couple of them with us to church and we're hoping that they all come this week - that would honestly make my week :)

Heredia Zone
Sunday was interesting. Not a word about Easter until I brought it up in our Principles of the Gospel class. Honestly it made me kind of sad. They were missing out on the awesome meaning of this day. I shared my testimony (as did Elder Orlandi because he was at church too) about Easter Sunday and the empty tomb. I felt so happy that I can testify without a doubt that our Redeemer lives and that the tomb will forever be empty. I love this gospel so much! Even though the mission is so tough (I don't even have anything to compare it to - it's so tough), teaching the gospel and seeing the Light of Christ in their eyes makes every hard day worth it.

I love all you guys! The Church is true!

Pura Vida,

Next time I'll be writing, I'll be 20 😎 haha

Elder Stott! 

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  1. The tarantula, eeeekkk!!!! I always think of Elder Stott as younger since he is younger on the mission but Spence left so quickly he will be 19 for two weeks after he gets home June 23rd! =)