Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 57 - We Got a Body Guard

Hey guys!

Hope everything is a lot cooler up in the States! It's flippin hot here haha! I feel like I'm back in Guanacaste again - it feels like Arizona!

Well, so everything is great here during Holy Sunday (Santo Domingo)! The area just got a lot bigger... so we can walk from end to end in about an hour if we hurry, but the thing is that there are tons of hills - I'm definitely gonna get skinny again!

We've been working with a lot of people here - it's actually so many that I can't remember all of the names. BUT, there is a guy named Alejando who loves wrestling and MMA and any contact sport so I get along really well with him (wow, surprise!) So we're trying to get him to follow through on his commitments and everything and get him to come to church - little by little!

So we have this dog that follows us EVERYWHERE we go. He'll wait outside while we teach lessons and he protects us (by barking) from sketchy things and drunks. We've decided to call him, Elder. It's a really good name - I know. He's awesome. We usually give him hotdogs or something to eat.

Also, one of the member's dads here built a space car thing. It's called a "plane car". It's like famous around here. So we decided that we could be missionaries from back to the future or something - I really liked the shades. The guy had a ton of tiny tricycles too so we took a bunch of pics there! 

Also, I split the crap out of my pants trying to jump (tried to jump and fold his legs in the air) the other day so that was REALLY FUNNY, I mean REALLY REALLY FUNNY. No, but the rip was literally like a foot long. I'm not fat, my pants just aren't flexible haha :)

Well, I definitely had an exciting week this week! Hope there are some fun things to share next time!

Love all you guys!!!

Pura Vida,

Elder Stott :)

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