Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 54 - Semana Sacrificio

Hey everyone!

Like ALWAYS, I hope all is well up in the States or wherever you might be.

Well this week was sick! We had semana sacrificio (sacrifice week) where we really hit the streets and work hard with our whole Zone. We don't work in the office during semana sacrificio, we just find people to teach.  I got to work in both Alajuelita and Hatillo (both are areas that I worked in for 4 months each) so that was super sick. I didn't get to visit any of the people I baptized because we were focused on finding new people to teach, but I did see a couple of them so that was cool. 

Man, I am so sunburnt - my nose blistered a little bit but that's all part of the game. No pain, no gain baby!

Oh hey, I found some graffiti with my name and a little tire-minion so I took some pictures with those. They're pretty cool haha :)

Investigator update: 
  • Miss Y - she's doing really really good. Still struggling a little with the cigarettes but she is starting to see some changes in her life and the blessings that come with them. We're praying really hard for her that she'll continue with her desire to change and to learn more about Christ.
  • Mr R - a dude that we met this week. He's really looking for some changes in his life and lifestyle. He has lived in a way that's, well.. totally different than mine, I'll just put it that way. He is realizing that God truly loves him and R wants to prove to Him that he's willing to change.
Well, hope that you guys all have a super sick week!
"Fortune favors the bold"

¡Pura Vida!

Elder Stott

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