Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 34 - Slanging with the Pachucos

Hey everyone! 

Hope things are going well in the states! Sure missing the Fall season which means football! haha but things are going well in Costa Rica baby!

So we had a baptism this week! His name is Jose and he´s super duper cool. He's chill and doesn't talk a lot but he's going to do big things in the church. A couple of weeks ago, we had a lesson with him where he talked about our Mission President and other 70's and how he likes how they take things seriously and are straightforward. I was prompted to say something direct and straight forward after but I had no idea what to say haha. So I told him (in spanish haha) "Jose I actually like to be straight forward as well. We missionaries, are here to baptize you. You need to get baptized and we'd like you to prepare for the 25th". He was shocked for a minute but the answered yes with a smile. The Spirit really is the teacher - I can read scriptures and testify but it's ALWAYS the Spirit that teaches. He had about 10 years investigating the church but hadn't committed to get baptized before we came by. And 3 weeks later, he was baptized! We don't have pictures because he wanted other elders to baptize him (that taught him a while ago) but he came back so that I could confirm him. So cool!

So to add the seccion of "Animal of the Week", we always have these big ol' cucarachas stuck on our glue traps. We found one in my companion's food and he was TICKED. He threw the rice bag and beat the snot out of this cockroach - I pretty much died laughing.

I was blessed to hear a ton of old songs that I loved before the mission! I heard Wild Boys by Duran Duran - you betcha that I love that song. And I heard Sister Christian in a little pulperia (the equivalent of a 7/11 here) and I jammed so hard!

Hey, funny story about photography. My comp DELETED ALL MY PHOTOS ON MY CAMERA... accidently but still. I wanted to kill the freakin guy. So I´m glad that I sent you guys all the good pictures at least haha. I´m gonna make sure that I keep copies of all my pictures on my USB now just to be safe haha

We have been working in the more sketchy parts of town because that's really the people who need the gospel most. We only take our scriptures and umbrellas - I leave the phone and watch with members before we head in. It's super funny to see peoples faces when they're surprised that I can actually speak Spanish! Haha their faces always light up. I can even speak slang with the Pachucos - the people who are always smoking drugs and in the streets and they love talking to me haha. 

Well, please keep praying for me and praying that I can at least stay a little dry.. haha thankyou for all of the prayers and well wishes!

Love you guys,
Pura Vida! 

Elder Stott

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