Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 32 - Semi-dangerous

Hey everyone, hope things are going well in the USA! Woohoo haha

So I won't lie, this week was pretty average.. It flew by, but nothing really interesting happened haha

I did give a talk yesterday that had the congregation in tears as well as my Stake President. He told me after that he really wanted to talk but that the Spirit prompted him to have me take his time too.. I had to talk for 20 minutes! haha but it I guess the Spirit can speak Spanish because I don't think I can ;) 

So my area is semi-dangerous.. haha we had a bunch of appointments in a place called the 25th of June (I don't know why it's called that) but to say the least, it's pretty sketch. People are selling cocaine on the corners but hey, everyone needs the gospel! So we were headed over to this part of our area (and we were super close too) when a member called us and told us not to go over there. A guy that just got out of prison was shot a bunch of times and was killed right by all of our visits. Turns out that I kinda knew the guy too... He was pretty rough but I'm glad I got the chance to talk with him about Christ. Well, they closed the area so our WHOLE day was ruined haha but hey, I guess things happen sometimes.. but not sketchy things.

We're hoping for a baptism this week and for 2 the next week. The members work really well with us and give us lots of references - it's super stressful sometimes but it's better than 0 references! 

Kinda cool: So we have our mission hymn that's super cool. Well I was playing it in the President's house today on the piano and he asked me if I could somehow put what I was playing on sheet music for the mission. One of the medical assistants told me after that they're going to try to copyright the hymn and everything and that my name will be on it if I can get the music! Pretty sweet huh?! Also - President told me that when he asked for me to open this area here, that he felt that there were "big things planned for me". uh oh... we'll see what that means haha.

Well I hope everyone is doing well! I miss everyone but I love hearing how everyone's doing. Remember that it's the little things that count - a compliment or just a smile; it can change someone's day completely.

Love you guys,
Pura Vida!

- Elder Stott :)
One of my best friends - Elder Black

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