Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 33 - That's one way to get rid of them...

Hellooooo ladies and gentleman, welcome back to the The Pura Vida show staring Elder Stott.

Haha how have things been over in the states! I hear that Donald Trump and Bill Gates are running for President?! Hahaha just a bunch of rich people trying to buy the presidency, man, this world is just getting crazier and crazier. 

So this week was a normal week for me, but mom reminded me that a "normal" week for me is crazy for you guys, so I'll make sure to give you the good stuff: details and all haha.

So this week, some family moved in with a family in my ward. They're Ticos but they speak pretty darn good English. They all learned a bunch of slang and jokes. Get this: there's a little kid (he's like 9) that challenged me in a "Yo Mama" joke contest. And even though it's been like 10 years since I've heard those, I defended my Mama well and I won. But I'll give it to him, he was GOOD. He said that my Mama was so dumb that she tried to climb Mountain Dew and that she had an appointment with Dr. Pepper. But I know, that my Mama is WAY smarter than that ;) Haha

One of the family members who I met actually lives here too. He speaks good English too AND HE PLAY FOOTBALL HERE! I love talking about football with him and talking NFL and NCAA! He wants me to come to a practice of his sometimes but I don't think I can. But anyways, he's super legit.

Almost everyday, we pass by this bar that's by our chapel. There's ALWAYS drunks outside and they all (for some freakin reason) all try to hug me or speak in English. One guy (and I die laughing every time) always says to me in English: "God bless you every time" and it's hilarious. Well this week, I saw him but I beat him and greeted him with a good ol' "God bless you every time" and you bet your bottom dollar that he said it back - yeah baby! haha 

There's also a guy from Limon (where there are a bunch of African Americans who speak a language called patuah - English, Spanish, and french together) He likes to ask me, "Everything is good?" haha and that was pretty funny too.

I've "decided" to bring back "Animal of the Week". This week, you guessed it, is mice! We have a good sized family of about 10 in our house eating my corn drink - I was pretty ticked when I found one chillin in the flippin bag. So we bought a glue trap that smells like Peanut Butter and left it overnight. The next morning there were two mice trapped. My companion (being the tough guy he is) folded the paper in two and STEPPED on the mice. It was pretty gruesome. We bought another glue trap and the next morning when my comp got up early, I knew that he was at it again. He said we should eat them but I shot that down REAL quick haha. Speaking of weird foods - I'm going to eat sea turtle eggs and snake here pretty soon, so I'm pretty stoked for that! 

So my companion is going good! He's finally getting used to the mission life and workload (trust me, it's a lot). He told me that he wants to lose weight because he's pretty dang chunky. But he bought this big pan of a Tres Leches cake and ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner haha - I just think to myself "good luck with that!" 

Even though I don't talk about it much, when it rains here, it POURS! You can have a nice umbrella but you'll be soaked up to your thighs with these dress pants - they're really good for soaking up water. And then the water runs down into my socks - so much for waterproof shoes haha.  

On Costa Rican Independence day, there was this super rare cloud phenomenon that everybody was freaked out about.  Some people were saying it was the end of the world, or a sign from God.  I got a cool picture of it.  It was a cloud with a rainbow coming out of it.  It's called cloud iridescence.  SO COOL!!

I bought a big thing of powdered Gatorade (I bet Dillon's jealous) that makes 9 gallons of lemon lime Gatorade so I'm pretty stoked for that.

A guy that we taught showed off all his pistols that he has as well as 30/30 ammo which is illegal here! 

Well that's about all this week! Hope everyone will have a great week this week! Take care and go out and serve someone!

Pura Vida

- Elder Stott

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