Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 9 - General Conference and beat-boxing

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Como le va? (How's it going?)

A little view of Alajuelita
Things here in Costa Rica are going better than ever! The weather is great - high 70's without rain, and Semana Santa is over!

Haha so about Semana Santa here... So Semana Santa is a big celebration of the last week in Christ's life. All week the church bells are ringing and there are bible videos and movies all over on TV. Everyone has vacation - it's kinda like Spring Break. The ironic thing here is that most people go to the beach and party and drink when the real celebration is about Jesus Christ. BUT, the thing is, people are either at the beach, or at home with all their family. So we weren't able to teach many lessons, but the lessons we taught were with whole families and the Spirit was so strong because we taught about what is most important in our lives: our families.

My Birthday package from home
For my adventures of the week: 

Last P-day (Wednesday) I ate 10 big slices of pizza because I was super happy that I wasn't eating Rice and Beans haha.

We had General Conference this week which was amazing! Almost EVERYONE talked about the familiy and the world-wide efforts to protect the sanctity of it. I loved our Prophet's talk about the temple - it really makes me appreciate the blessings we can have today through the ETERNALLY binding
                                                                      covenants we make in the temple.

My very humble abode
I didn't eat anything too weird this week. I actually had ka-bobs at a part-member's house and they were delicious! I had a lot of rice and beans and a lot of Pizza haha. Two of my favorite drinks here are Refresca Avena and Aqua Dulce. Refresca Avena is a drink made from oats, water and sugar and it's actually really good - it's like if you made the runniest oatmeal you could possibly make. The other is a drink made from cane sugar and is super molassesy but it's good too.

At conference, I saw a family that I met my second day here in Costa Rica, and before I saw them, 
Sean Paul, their 16 year old son jumped on me yelling, "Elder Hulk!" haha but I love that family. They're doing super well and they loved conference too!

I am the Cockroach crusher.
None shall dare to scurry in my presence

I'm starting to dream in Spanish and talk in my sleep in Spanish too. That's cool and all but I still can't understand anything, so I guess it's more of a nightmare hahaha

There's one super poor area here where the kids are always outside playing soccer. Every time we walk into their little village they always run up and hang on my arms. They like to see how many of them I can lift up at one time and they're laughing the whole time - it's pretty funny.

Me and my tiny companion.
I love him!

One night when we were walking home, my comp and I were rapping and beat-boxing. Some kids heard us and begged us to do it for them. Most people can't beat-box at all here so they freak out when they hear someone who can kinda of do it. Every time I walk by when they're outside they always try to beat-box and I tell them to keep practicing! 

I'm still working to love the people here even more.  They are really great people! They're humble and friendly and family means EVERYTHING to them which is such a great starting place for learning about the Gospel.

Until next time!
Pura Vida!

- Elder Stott   

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